Character Actor/Actress
Cotton/Pond Ajrocks1loveaj
Mother Unicornsinparis


Evie Isasmell
Infinity Leylapuppydog


Ninja Alexander332
Isaac Jammer05050

Mother: Sweetie?

Cotton: Yes?

Mother: I-I just found 1,000 gems in the river.

Cotton: Oh my! Can we get a REAL home with it?

Mother: No, no. But I was thinking I could send you to school.

Cotton: That's a great idea! Gimme 200 of the gems and I'll buy some outfits.

Mother: Okay. Here.

Cotton's mother gives Cotton 200 gems.

The Next Day...

Mother: Cotton, Dear?

Cotton: Yes?

Mother: I was thinking of changing your name.

Cotton: WHAT?

Mother: It's just that... Cotton isn't really a school girl's name. When I named you, Frank had already taken everything from us, and I didn't think you'd get an education.

Cotton: Fine.

Mother: How about Rosie? We could switch it to Rose when you're older.

Cotton: No thanks!

Mother: Okay. Lea? Taylor?

Cotton: No, and DEFINETLY no.

Mother: Anything?

Cotton: Yeah. How about Cotton?

Mother: Anything else?

Cotton: Fine. Pond.

Mother: Okay. That's good, Pond.

The First Day of School.

Teacher: Today we have a new student. Pond, why don't you tell us about yourself?

Pond: My life isn't really that interesting...

Teacher: Okay. Go sit next to... Evie.

Pond: Thank you.

Lee (student): She's so polite!

Infinity (student): Not as polite as me.

Lee: Yeah, right!


Evie walks over to Pond.

Evie: Hey. Since we're sitting next to each other, want to be friends?

Pond: Sure. Although right now I want to explore the school.

Evie: Okay. See you!

Right as Evie leaves, Lee walks over.

Lee: Hey. I see you were talking to Evie.

Pond: Yeah. Why?

Lee: It's just interesting. She used to be friends with Infinity,who's the adopted daughter of a criminal. He drove a lady and her daughter homeless.

Pond (Thinking): Wait! I'm that daughter!

Pond: I'm going to go explore.

Lee: Why don't I show you around?

Pond Okay.

Pond nervously looks back due to what she just learned.