Cotton rushes through the bushes, not looking back or even breathing. She's moving as fast as she can, tripping over every branch or stone. She rushes away until she finally reaches Coral Canyons.


Cotton catches her breath.

Cotton: Puppy-rustling-one, two-

Fred: Gotcha! I'll see you in a few days.

Mother: Okay. Got it.

Cotton: By the way, why does Fred hate us?

Mother: Simple.

(in the background it shows pictures of Fred's story)

Mother: He was always bullied because he couldn't count to 3. But he remembers me because when he got mad, I-well, I kicked him. He was so mad and came home with so many scars... his parents grounded him and he was suspended because he defended himself and I came back with both my ankles... broken.

Cotton gasps.

After that I lied to the teachers about what happened during lunch all the time. I was class test collector, and I'd always tear his test or scribble horrible things on it that'd get him in trouble. After that he set out to make my life horrible. That's what he wants right now.

Cotton: I didn't hear the end.

Mother: Let me repeat it 9 times.

A slideshow is repeated 9 times.

Cotton's mother smiles.

Mother: She has no idea what I just found.