Cotton steps out from under the trees.


Cotton: She must be getting food. I guess I'll get water.

Cotton moves over to the Township, and Downtown. Then, she sees a bridge leading through a mysterious pathway.

Cotton: I wonder what's behind that bridge...

Cotton hurries over the bridge to see an amazing oasis.

Cotton: Water!

Cotton grabs a bowl shaped rock and fills it with water. She quickly returns home to hear rustling.

Cotton moves through the bushes to see...

Cotton: Puppies!

Cotton hugs them and pours a bit of water out of the cups. Happily she tells them about her whole day and decides to adopt one.

But cotton hears evil, evil rustling. She suspiciously walks over to her small home.

Cotton: Who's there?

Voice: What? You don't recognize me?

Cotton: Huh?

Voice: One, Two, Gotcha!

Cotton screams.


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